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Librarian Professional Qualification

Requirements in the system of professional qualification in Estonia are defined on five levels. Level I is the lowest and level V the highest.

Not all professions require determining the level of professional standard in the range from I to V. The specific qualification standards are set, and if necessary, also the specific educational needs are established, for each particular profession by a professional council. The first professional standard for librarians was approved by the Librarians’ Professional Council on December 8, 2003 for Librarian III, IV and V. The present professional standard containing Librarian Professional Qualification III, IV and V was ratified on December 5, 2007 by the Professional Council of Culture.

Estonian Librarians Association is an awarding body of vocational qualifications. Professional Qualifications Committee is formed by the Estonian Librarians Association and 830 professional certificates were awarded from 2005–2011.