The Yearbook of the Estonian Librarians Association 2015


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You are holding the 27th Yearbook of the Estonian Librarians Association (ELA).

The year 2015 was the Year of Music. A lot of music was played also in libraries, in addition to numerous music-related exhibits and meetings. Katre Riisalu gives an overview of the library events during this year. Head of the Music Department of the Pärnu Central Library, Ene Roost, writes about the establishment of the Music Department and the activities of the music department of the public library in general. Music at the library – sounds great!

Also, one will get an idea how the little residents of Pärnu are encouraged to read and visit the library, and what is being done in Tallinn so that the people could feel confident in the world of online and know how to use modern smart devices.

For the ELA this year was significant because the cooperative relations with colleagues of the Baltic States were refreshed. Also, in 2015, in the new building of the National Library of Latvia the 10th Congress of the Baltic Librarians was held, with many participants from Estonian libraries – both as performers and listeners

Under the aegis of the ELA, we have been celebrating the Library Days for 25 years. The review of this is presented in the collection by Reet Olevsoo.

By the end of 2015, under the leadership of the ELA a vision document of Estonian librarianship “The Library of the 21st Century“ was prepared that will obviously be discussed in the next yearbook.

Traditionally, the Yearbook introduces the best librarians and library deeds of the year 2015 and covers the activities of the ELA, ELNET Consortium and the Association of Estonian Music Libraries.

We wish to thank all those people who contributed to the compilation of the Yearbook and provided us with their meaningful articles.

Editorial Board



The 10th Congress of Baltic Librarians „Libraries in Communities“ on 12–13 October 2015 in Riga, the National Library of Latvia

Tuuliki Tõiste. Head of Library Services Department, Tallinn University of Technology Library; member of the ELA Board

In 2015 the 10th Congress of Baltic Librarians took place in Riga, in the newly constructed building of the National Library of Latvia. The preparatory period of the Congress was short and very busy; the programme was still being drawn up on Friday, before the beginning of the Congress on Monday. Estonia was represented by 23 delegates, ten of whom delivered reports. Tuuliki Tõiste gives an account of the presentations of the Congress.

Wishing to make us visible: 25 years of Library Days

Reet Olevsoo, Head of the Office, Estonian Librarians Association

In 2015, under the leadership of the Estonian Librarians Association the National Library Days were organised for the 25th times. The author gives an account of the history of Library Days

Libraries capturing Vilde!

Kairi Tilga, Head of the Eduard Vilde Museum

In 2015 we celebrated 150 years since the birth of one of the most influential Estonian writers of the 20th century, Eduard Vilde. In connection with the jubilee year, the Eduard Vilde Museum (Tallinn City Museum) and the Estonian Librarians Association organised a competition „Elusive Vilde“. A broader and more common aim of the project targeted at libraries was to remove dust from the great man of Estonian literature and to move the personality of Vilde and his literary creation from bookshelves directly to the visitors of library reading rooms.

The libraries were summoned to set up a shrewd, innovative and attractive exhibition dedicated to Vilde (shelf, table, windowsill, bookcase, overhead, etc) that would on the one hand open and introduce the readers the story and destiny of the writer and on the other, invite and cause interest to reread the classic. In addition to exhibits, the libraries were called for organising various thematic events related to Vilde.

The competition was very well received and all in all 36 large and small libraries all over Estonia submitted their works. The competition became the most extensive undertaking of the Vilde jubelee year. The writer indeed captured thousands of library visitors across Estonia. It is great that librarians had courage to test their creativity, team spirit, and crafting skills. Hopefully, this successful competition will encourage libraries also in the future to try new innovative solutions for compiling exhibitions. As the role and activity area of libraries is increasingly expanding, the librarians have to work constantly on how to attract the attention of readers.

Läbikäik K (from Winni-the-Pooh) and talking things

Signe Peeker, Chief Specialist, Children’s Services, Pärnu Central Library

The article gives an overview of the activities of the Children’s Department of the Pärnu Central Library in 2015. The author writes about what they do in Pärnu to make children read and visit the library.

Innovative user training at the public library by the example of the Tallinn Central Library

Angelica Õunapuu, Manager of library software, Tallinn Central Library

Everyday life is becoming more and more technology-centred and it is impossible to ignore the role of media and technology. Both the elder and younger population are increasingly involved in the digital world that uses laptops, tablets, smartphones and social media. In addition to regular user training – basic computer training and the use of information sources – the readers need to be trained how to use different technological devices and digital environments. At the Tallinn Central Library, we have started to pay more attention to digital inclusion, teaching our visitors how to use different devices and equipment.

The Tallinn Central Library offers a wide range of various services – beginning from traditional library services and trainings to the rental of sports equipment. In 2015, more than 23 150 readers participated in user trainings which were offered by different service departments and branch libraries of the Tallinn Central Library. This number illustrates how important is the role of libraries in supporting life-long learning and as a community centre where one can acquire new practical skills.

User training at the library today involves more than just instructing how to use library databases and catalogues. It is essential to teach how to handle various media and communication technologies in order to cope with our daily life. At the same time it is important that every person would choose the most convenient and simplest for him/her solution to use. At this point the librarians are those who will help. The libraries are supporters of life-long learning. It is essential to keep up with times and make libraries visible in the community.

The Year of Music and the library

Katre Riisalu, Head of the Fine Arts Information Centre, National Library of Estonia; President of the Estonian Librarians Association

The year 2015 was the National Year of Music in Estonia. It was intended to focus attention on diverse Estonian music life, introduce writers and performers of music, encourage interest in music and increase the role of music in the life of Estonian people. Anybody who wished to contribute to the success of the Year was welcome to participate. In this article Katre Riisalu gives a brief account of the major undertakings of the Year of Music and what impact it had on Estonian libraries, what kind of original events the libraries organised, and provides a more specific overview of the activities of the National Library.

Music department at the public library: why and how?
By the example of the activities of the Music Department of Pärnu Central Library

Ene Roost, Head of the Music Department of Pärnu Central Library

The Music Department of Pärnu Central Library was opened on 25 October 1995. In the article Ene Roost gives an overview of the origin and activities of the Music Department of Pärnu Central Library. Also, the author draws attention to the special features of music department as compared with the regular library.

The ELA acknowledges:

ELA Award of Merit 2015 – Hele Ellermaa, Head of the Kõrveküla Library;

ELA Annual Award 2015 – Triin Soone, Director of the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre for re-establishing the idea of giving a baby book Pisike Puu (Little Tree) to every child born in Estonia;

Children’s Librarian of the Year 2015 – Helle Laanpere, Head of the Children’s Department of the Võrumaa Central Library;

School Librarian of the Year 2015 – Tiina Tuvi, librarian of the Luunja Secondary School Library

Rural Librarian of the Year 2015 – Lea Rand, Head of the Toila Library;

Research Library Deed of the Year 2015 – Tartu University Library, for the development of registry service for Estonian research data;

Special Library Deed of the Year 2015 – Ingrit Zolotov, Head of the University of Tartu Narva College Library;

Town Library Deed of the Year 2015 – Tallinn Central Library - 10 years of the Profession Days dedicated to Aleksander Sibul and the campaign „Come to the Library!“;

Town Library Deed of the Year 2015 – Narva Central Library – the first Estonian library innovation lab MakerLab;

Best Young Librarian 2015 – Elise Rand, librarian of the Viimsi Library.

Elu raamatute keskel (Life amid Books)

Tiina Aasmann, information specialist, Fine Arts Information Centre of the National Library of Estonia

Elu raamatute keskel. Endel Annus 100. Editorial Board: Tiina Aasmann, Anne Ainz, Helje-Laine Kannik, Anne Valmas (chief editor). Tallinn : Tallinn University Academic Library, 2015. 245 pp.

The former colleagues from the National Library of Estonia and the Tallinn University Academic Library issued a commemorative collection about the journey of a great man to the world of books, dedicating the publication to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Endel Annus, a great chronicler of the Estonian book, a book history researcher and bibliographer. The collection contains a selection of Endel Annus’ written works, reminiscences of his colleagues about the road walked together, and a bibliography of his works.

A full picture of the years 2002-2012

Ene Riet, Editor of the journal Raamatukogu

Ene Riet provides an overview of the collection Raamatukogud ja -kogundus Eestis 2002–2012 (Libraries and librarianship in Estonia 2002–2012), compiled by Mihkel Volt.

Due to the lack of money, the printing of the publication was delayed for a whole year and was not issued until the end of 2014. The review of the collection follows with the same time lag.

In addition to the overview of research, public and children’s libraries, the collection summarises the activities of special libraries, written by Heli Priimets and Raile Reigo. Of professional organisations, besides a review of the Librarians Association compiled by Katre Riisalu, Katre Riisalu and Eha Garšnek covered the activities of the Association of Estonian Art Libraries, and Kaie Viigipuu-Kreintaal wrote about the Estonian Music Library Association.

Raamatukogud ja -kogundus Eestis 2002–2012 is not a research publication covering everything. It is an observatory publication containing a chronology, photos, and library statistics of events and is intended for librarians and specialty students. Since the collection contains the English resumes and statistics tables, our foreign colleagues are also welcome to familiarize themselves with Estonian librarianship.

Estonian Librarians Association in 2015

On 31 December 2015 the Association had 790 members, including four honorary members and one foreign member. Supporting members of the ELA are the Harju County Library, Lääne County Central Library, Lääne-Virumaa Central Library, Rapla Central Library, Valga Central Library and Viljandi City Library.

In 2015, 18 new members joined the ELA, 42 members left the organisation. The honorary member Maare Kümnik (15 March 1936–13 November 2015) passed into eternity. The campaign „Join the ELA!“ held on the Annual Meeting day and during the Library Days brought thirteen new members to the Association.

One of the major projects and challenges in 2015 was the drawing up of a vision document „The 21st Century Library“. The proposal to start drawing up an essential strategic document for Estonian librarianship was made at the ELA Annual Meeting 2015 and unanimously approved by its participants.

The ELA is a profession provider for librarians up to the year 2018. In 2015, from 15 August to 15 September the ELA Office was accepting profession applications; submitted were 7 applications. The applications were reviewed by the Professional Qualifications Committee on 30 September. According to the decision of the Committee three applicants were issued 6 level professional qualification, and four applicants received 7 level professional qualification.

On the initiative of the ELA the Library Days „Let’s Meet at the Library“ took place for the 25th time. The National Library Days were opened in the Kohtla-Järve Cultural Centre on 20 October.

On the opening day, inside the newspaper Postimees a special insert on the Library Days was issued, the publication of which was supported by Kultuurkapital (Cultural Endowment of Estonia). An electronic version of the insert is available on the ELA homepage.

The Library Days were concluded on 30 October at the Palamuse Community Centre in Jõgeva County at the Rural Librarians Day which was held for the 15th time.

The idea to celebrate in libraries the 150th anniversary of Eduard Vilde was initiated by the Eduard Vilde Museum in cooperation with the ELA. The aim of this undertaking was to stimulate and diversify literary life in libraries, to make Vilde attractive to the younger target groups, to contribute to the creation of a contemporary image of the greatest figure of our literature and cultural history, and to invite the people to read native valuable literature. The libraries were invited to participate in the contest “Elusive Vilde”.

Thirty six libraries all over Estonia took part in the contest, organising non-traditional, eventful, creative, original and community inclusive exhibits.

From 3-6 November, the writers once again toured Estonian libraries. It was already the previous year that the poet Doris Kareva gave the tour a common name Sõnaränd (Word travel). More than twenty writers in seven teams had meetings with readers and librarians, criss-crossing the whole country.

During the recent years the ELA has made attempts to re-establish cooperative relations with its Southern neighbours and refresh common projects of Baltic librarians. In this respect, the year 2015 was extremely productive – organising several trips, holding common seminars and open discussions.

On 29-31 March four-member delegations of the Boards of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia met in Birštonas in Lithuania close to the Belarusian border to discuss cooperation opportunities and common projects. The participants exchanged experience and discussed if there was any common success formula for the activities of library associations and how to strengthen cooperation partnership. The first concrete step in this direction was the participation of the Estonian delegation in the opening of the Lithuanian Library Days in Vilnius on 26–28 April. At the international conference “Library: Information and Knowledge for Everyone” Estonian experience was shared by Veronika Raudsepp Linnupuu from the Viljandi City Library, Angelica Õunapuu from the Tallinn Central Library, and Mai Põldaas from the University of Tartu. The Estonian libraries stand out among other Baltic libraries for their modernity and exciting undertakings. Katre Riisalu and the other presidents of the Baltic professional associations signed a goodwill agreement on further cooperation.

On 6-7 August, the Lithuanian Librarians Association Young Professionals Section organised an international forum in Šventoij, Lithuania with participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia, and two representatives from Estonia. The goal of the forum was to develop cooperation between young librarians and speak about their experiences on the librarianship landscape. The participants from Estonia were the members of the Young Professionals Club, Liina Tamm and Maris Nool.

The 10th Congress of Baltic librarians “Libraries in Communities” was held at the National Library of Latvia in Riga on 12-13 October. The Congress was convened by the Latvian Librarians Association together with the professional associations of Estonia and Lithuania. There were twenty three participants from Estonian libraries, five of whom delivered constructive and well received presentations. Tuuliki Tõiste belonged to the programme panel of the Congress.

Consortium of Estonian Libraries Network

Mare-Nelli Ilus, Executive Director of the Consortium of Estonian Libraries Network

By the end of 2015 the ELNET Consortium had 9 members and 7 partners, Eesti Pank (the Bank of Estonia) as a new partner. All together 16 member and partner libraries were involved in the work of the Consortium. During the year, the libraries of Eesti Pank, Tartu Art College, Tartu Art School, Tallinn City Museum, and Tallinn City Archives joined the e-catalogue.

The debates about the future of cooperation of the Consortium members and partners started in 2014, resulting in the approval of the development strategy 2015-2018 in May.

A novel proposal was made to expand even more cooperation between libraries and form a development council at the Consortium with the aim of involving highly qualified IT specialists from outside to plan development activities of the Consortium, and inviting to participate representatives of different ministries, evolving thus into a high-level developer of librarianship services in Estonia.

All member and partner libraries of the Consortium participate in one of the most important areas of activities, the online catalogue ESTER. Thirteen libraries participate in the database of Estonian articles ISE.

About the activities of the Estonian Music Library Association in 2015

Kaie Viigipuu-Kreintaal, President of the Estonian Music Library Association

The Estonian Music Library Association (EMLA) is an organisation promoting cooperation between music libraries and representing professional interests. EMLA is the National Branch of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres. EMLA is a member of the Esto nian Music Council and the Estonian Music Information Centre.

In 2015 EMLA had 13 members: 10 institutions and 3 individual members.

Major events/trainings were traditionally organised two times a year. The regular General Assembly meeting and Spring Training Day took place at the National Library of Estonia on 24 April. The theme of the Training Day this time was Deltabluusist britibluusini: pildikesi bluusi ajaloost (From Delta blues to British blues: snapshots from the history of blues).

The autumn meeting took place at the Pärnu Central Library at the Jubilee Conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Music Department of the Library.

Once again attempts were made to find a solution to the problem of lending rights of video recordings. For several years a working group on the codification of intellectual property formed at the Ministry of Justice has been working on a new draft of the Copyright Act. The meeting of the representatives of libraries, film producers and related ministries held at the National Library in May 2014 to discuss once more public lending right did not yield in any result.

In January 2015 the last version of the new Copyright Act became public, which surprisingly distinguished between films produced in Estonia and those produced abroad, laying down their different lending regulations.

In June on the initiative of EMLA another petition was submitted to the Minister of Justice, Urmas Reinsalu, the Minister of Culture, Indrek Saar and the members of the Cultural Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament) concerning the lending of audio-visual items. The ELA and the directors of central libraries joined the petition.

The year 2015 was announced the Year of Music in Estonia with the aim to focus attention on diverse Estonian music life, introducing creators and performers of music, encouraging interest in music and increasing the role of music in the life of Estonian people. Of course, in this event, the music libraries, took the opportunity to better introduce and highlight their activities. All the libraries arranged music-related events, organised exhibitions and trainings for their users as well as colleagues from other libraries. Every issue of the journal Raamatukogu (Library) published this year had at least one article on music librarianship. Other publications covered the undertakings of music libraries as well. It is also worth noting that Head of the Music Department of the Pärnu Central Library, Ene Roost; was awarded the title Pärnu Woman of the Year for her 20-year-long work in creating and developing the Department.